Migrate projects to another private space

Migrate projects to another private space

For migrating a project from our free space (join.bimcollab.com), please refer to the article Migrate projects from join.bimcollab.com to a private space.
Projects can be migrated from one private space to another private space. This is a manual process, so make sure to have sufficient time available to execute the migration.
Please read the whole article carefully, including the colored banners, before performing the described steps.

Step 1: Migrate users

Export the users from the old space and import these in the new space
  1. In the old space go to Admin page > users > export users

  2. Open the exported .csv file in Excel or Numbers
  3. Filter out or delete users that should not be moved to the new space
    Note: Only the first five columns (e-mail, last name, first name, initials, and company) are needed for the import
  4. In the new space import users into BIMcollab Nexus from a CSV file
  5. Review the user settings in the new space
    1. If needed, enable the options "Can create project" and/or "Can create user"
    2. If needed, deactivate users
    3. If needed, change the role to Administrator
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  1. Activate or deactivate users
  2. Add new user

Step 2: Create project and set project properties in the new space

The project settings need to be manually set in the new space. When done for one project, this project can be used as a template for others.
  1. Create a new project and fill out the general settings
  2. Define project properties to manually add milestones, areas, labels, types, priorities, groups and custom fields
  3. Manually add and invite team members for the project
    1. If using visibility, make sure you assign the user groups(s)

Step 3: Migrate issues

Export issues from the old space to a BCF file and import them.
BCF files do not include 'area', 'custom fields' and 'visibility'. These values will need to be created and reassigned to the issues after the import.
Since a default value can be chosen for 'area' and 'custom fields' during the import of the BCF file, the recommendation is to export and import subsets of issues filtered by these criteria.
Furthermore, visibility can only be set by the user who created the issue.
BCF files do not include links to a BIMcollab Zoom or Navisworks clash result. Consider recreating active Smart Issues from clash results in the new project.
BCF files do not include the issue changelog. As a result, the detailed history of changes will be lost.
  1. In the old space open the project
  2. Go to the Issues page and filter the issue that need to be migrated
    When using 'area', ' custom fields', and/or ' visibility', apply a filter to export these per value in one report.
  3. Create a BCF report of your issues
    Note the limit for issue reports. Create multiple reports with less issues if a report cannot be created.
  4. Go to the Reports page and download the BCF report(s)
  5. In the new space, import the issues into BIMcollab Nexus from a BCF file
    If needed, set the default 'Area' and/or 'Custom fields'.
  6. If needed, add 'Area', ' Custom fields, and/or ' Visibility' by editing multiple issues at the same time

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