Issue changelog

Issue changelog

Each Issue contains its own detailed history including all the changes and comments applied to it. This information can be visible or hidden.

Changelog visible

When the issue changelog is visible, the information on the following activities will be displayed:
  1. Issue creation
  2. Issue import
  3. Offline creation/edits before import
  4. Change of issue status
  5. Edits of issue properties
  6. Comment changes
  7. User notified
1. To display the issue changelog, click on the desired issue and open its menu on the right side

2. Choose 'Show changelog' in the menu

The changelog activities cannot be edited and/or deleted.
Comments can be edited and deleted only by their authors.

Changelog hidden

1. If you want to go back to the view presenting only comments, open the menu again and click on 'Hide changelog'

Changes to viewpoints and comments are always visible, also when the changelog is hidden.

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