Using your free project on

Using your free project on


BIMcollab Join ( is the free version of BIMcollab Nexus, which permits you to test our solution.
A lot of features which are available in a personal space, can also be tested in Join, but the number of active projects is limited. By default, a user is part of the Example Project as a viewer, and can have one personal active project at the same time. A user can also be added to the personal projects of other users as a team member.

Do not set up commercial projects on the free account on It is a generic testing environment for almost 100000 users, and is not scalable on demand for your test project's requirements. You are always limited to 5 users and 1 active project.
If you decide to run your commercial project on the free environment, do note that we hold all the rights to make changes to the functionalities and limitations of the free account without further notice.
Inactive projects will be deleted after 3 months.

In your personal projects you are Project leader, which means that you can setup the project and add / invite team members. Within the project, team members can have different roles. Project leaders and editors can create, edit and respond to issues. Other team members will act as viewers or reviewers only. Viewers will be able to see all the issues but cannot alter them. Reviewers can leave comments and approve issues but like viewers cannot make any other changes.

Create new projects on Join

If you want to start a new project click on the 'New project' button in the upper righthand corner on the 'My Projects' page.

When creating a new project, you can define the project's name and choose a personal cover image for the project by clicking on the camera icon on the default image.

When the project has been created set additional project characteristics like the start and end date op the project, invite Team members, and set other properties for the project.

Customers using the free plan of BIMcollab are limited to a single active project. It is possible to create multiple projects, but your currently active project will deactivate automatically when you start a new one. Previously deactivated projects can be reactivated, which will automatically deactivate the currently active project as well.
All other plans will provide you with an unlimited number of active projects.

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