Manage BIMcollab Zoom licenses in BIMcollab Nexus

Manage BIMcollab Zoom licenses in BIMcollab Nexus

As an administrator, you can manage the use of the available company licenses from the administration page of your private space.
For more information on how to purchase Zoom licenses for your BIMcollab Nexus, consult the article Purchase a Zoom license.

To get started with managing the licenses, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your BIMcollab Nexus as an administrator
  2. Go to the Administration dashboard by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner and choosing Administration.

  3. Go to the Zoom page
    Here you will have an overview of how many licenses are available in the space and how many are currently in use.
    If you have floating licenses, this page also shows how many denials there have been during this and last month. This statistic shows how often users were unable to retrieve a license due to it already being in use.

Two license types are possible in a BIMcollab Nexus space.
  1. Single licenses are assigned to one specific user. This user can always retrieve the BIMcollab Zoom license.
  2. Floating licenses can be distributed among multiple users. All users who are added to the Zoom page will have access to the licenses. Per license, four users can be added to the license pool.
    If all licenses are in use, the next user who wants to access the license will receive a notification: All licenses are in use
To add or remove users in a license pool (Floating licenses): 
  1. Click on the [+] button to add a new user to the license pool or on the 'bin' icon behind a user's name to remove them
  2. Repeat these steps until you have added all the users to your license pool
There are a number of options which can be set per user:
  1. Block renewal (only for floating licenses)
    When this option is enabled, the user will be blocked from retrieving or renewing a license from the pool
  2. Allow to borrow
    When this option is enabled, the user will be able to reserve a license for up to 7 days. During this period, the license can only be used by this user. The license will also be available for the user when he is not connected to the space, or working offline.
  3. Limited to this space
    When this option is enabled, then the user will not be able to use the license when he is not connected to the space or when he is offline.

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