Manage a BIMcollab Cloud

Manage a BIMcollab Cloud

Administrators can reach the administration page by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner.

If you do not see the gear icon, you do not have administrative rights in the space.

The administration page is easily recognizable by the red ribbon at the top of the screen: 

From there you can reach the following administration pages:


The Users page provides a list of all users in your space. Here you can activate or deactivate existing users, edit their properties, and approve pending users.
From this page, you also have several possibilities to add new users to the space:
  1. Create a single new user by clicking on the 'New User' button
  2. Import multiple users by clicking on 'Import users', and importing a CSV-file
    For a more extensive explanation about importing users please see the article Import users into BIMcollab Cloud from a CSV file
When you hit the active user limit, BIMcollab will notify you. 

You can also define companies that users can be linked to. To access the company-list, click the button 'Companies' at the top of the Users page.


On the Projects page you have an overview of all of the projects in your space. You can edit your existing projects, as well as create new projects, by clicking on the 'New Project' button.
Project leaders have the option to restrict access to projects by space administrators. If this is the case, the administrator will see the project in the list but will not be able to access its data or make any changes.


From the ZOOM tab you can view and manage who can access a BIMcollab ZOOM license. How this works depends on what license type you have.

Named licenses

Connect a user to a named license by clicking the '+' button. To remove the license from the user, click the 'bin' button behind their name. Per license one user can be added.

Floating licenses

Floating licenses are linked to a pool. In this pool the users can be added. Per license four users can be added.
Add a new user to the license pool by clicking the '+' button. To remove a user from the license pool, click the 'bin' button behind their name. 

In the Enterprise plans, multiple ZOOM license pools can be added. The Connected and Starter plans have one fixed ZOOM license pool to which all licenses in the space are added.
To create a new license pool, click the 'New license pool' button at the top right of the page, determine a name for the pool, and choose the number of licenses. After the pool has been created, click the name of the pool to access its settings.

For more info on the ZOOM licenses, consult the article Manage BIMcollab ZOOM licenses in BIMcollab.


From the Subscription page you can view and manage your current contract and billing information, as well as upgrade or downgrade your subscription. To make changes to your contract, click the button 'Get a quote to upgrade', beneath the section 'Your contract'. You will find several tabs to change your contract, billing information and payment method.
For more information on how to change your subscription, consult the articles  Upgrade your subscription and Change the billing information and payment method of a subscription.

Do you want to advance your knowledge about BIMcollab Cloud? Go to our BIMcollab Academy and enroll in the BIMcollab Cloud course.

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