Space settings

Space settings

In a private BIMcollab Nexus space, you can define several space settings as an administrator.
To edit these settings follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Administration dashboard by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner

    If you do not see the gear icon, you do not have administrative rights in the space.
  2. On the Subscription tab, click 'Space settings'

  3. Change the settings:
    1. Default language
      This is the language which is used when users login to the space for the first time. They can set their own preferred language, as explained in the article Set your language of your BIMcollab account.
    2. Two-factor authentication (Premium and Ultimate only)
      Choose whether two-factor authentication is enforced for all users in the space.
      1. Individual choice: Users are allowed to enable two factor authentication themselves for their own account
      2. Enforced for all users: All users in the space are required to connect an authentication app to their account
        When Two-factor authentication is enforced, users will be required to connect an authentication app to their account when they set their password for the first time or when they try to login the first time after this setting has been turned on.

    3. User has to reset his password after (Premium and Ultimate only)
      Choose the desired setting for the period after which users have to change his password. When the user has to change their password because the period has expired, they will get a message on the login page of the space, and will not be able to login until they have chosen a new password.
      You can choose:
      1. Never
      2. 30 days
      3. 90 days
      4. 180 days
    4. Issues can be deleted by
      Choose who is allowed to delete issues from the projects in the space. The options are:
      1. Nobody
      2. Project leaders
      3. Project leaders with admin rights
    5. Single sign-on (Ultimate only)
      Space administrators can configure Single sign-on in Ultimate spaces.

  4. Click OK to save the changes

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