The best way to get started with BIMcollab Cloud

The best way to get started with BIMcollab Cloud

Get acquainted with issue management with a free account

To get properly acquainted with issue management, and with the features of BIMcollab Cloud, you can get started with your own free account on is a shared testing environment, in which you have your own space to setup a test project on a small scale.

You can test several of our features for free:
  1. Create and manage a project
  2. Invite team members to collaborate on your project
  3. Create, edit and assign issues
  4. Connect to your project from your preferred BIM application with the help of our BCF Managers
  5. ...
Be aware that a free account on comes with some limitations:
  1. You are limited to one active project
  2. You can only add 4 additional team members to your project
  3. Projects started in cannot be moved in full to a private BIMcollab Cloud space
  4. The reporting functionality is limited. You can only create BCF reports, not PDF or XLS reports
  5. ...
You can find a full overview of features per plan on our website.
Do not set up commercial projects on the free account on It is a generic testing environment for almost 100000 users, and is not scalable on demand for your test project's requirements. You are always limited to 5 users and 1 active project.
If you decide to run your commercial project on the free environment, do note that we hold all the rights to make changes to the functionalities and limitations of the free account without further notice.
Inactive projects will be deleted after 3 months.

Get a private BIMcollab Cloud space

To immediately use BIMcollab Cloud to its full potential, even during a testing period, you can acquire a private BIMcollab Cloud space. 
This has many advantages compared to the free account.
  1. Private branded login with personal URL:
  2. Designed for commercial projects
  3. Unlimited amount of active projects
  4. Easily scalable to the amount of users you need
  5. Ability to create regular XLS or PDF reports for each of your projects
  6. ...
The BIMcollab Cloud space is a subscription with a flexible monthly payment option. You can start with a Starter plan with a limited amount of users and can easily up- or downgrade your subscription, depending on your changing needs.
You can find a full overview of features per plan on our website.

Upgrade from to a private BIMcollab Cloud space

Since is completely separated from private BIMcollab Cloud spaces, it is not possible to upgrade the project you created in your free account to a payed subscription.

To learn how to transfer the issues you created in the project in to your private space, consult the article Migrate projects from to a private space.
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