Synchronization of issues in BCF Managers

Synchronization of issues in BCF Managers

Synchronizing issues to your BIMcollab Space

After creating or updating issues, you can synchronize them with the project in your BIMcollab space by clicking on the 'synchronize project' button at the top of the menu:

New or edited issues which are not yet synchronized with BIMcollab Nexus can be recognized by the 'waiting to sync' icon in the issue list or on an issue tile:

After synchronizing:
  1. New issues are visible in BIMcollab Nexus
  2. Issue updates are visible in BIMcollab Nexus
  3. The assigned team member will receive a notification e-mail according to their set frequency
  4. Notified team members will receive a notification e-mail

Automatic synchronization

Auto-sync synchronizes issues when they are viewed or edited to ensure users always have the latest status of issues.
To turn on/off the Auto-sync function, open the synchronization menu:

By default auto-sync is turned off.

When is information automatically synchronized?

Information is automatically submitted to BIMcollab Nexus when an issue is manually created or edited.
Information is automatically retrieved from BIMcollab Nexus when an issue is selected in the list or tile view.
Issues generated via bulk import from Navisworks clashes are not automatically synchronized.

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