Reviewing documents

Reviewing documents

Review tasks resemble audit tasks in many ways. They to are scheduled by a Workflow processDifference is that several people can be assigned to performing the review, but who ever does it first will close the task. While a document can have many audit tasks, it can only have one review task. In addition, a workflow does not continue until an review task is completed.
Reviews have one of the following statuses:
  1. Open: review task is open
  2. Urgent: the review task's deadline has passed.
  3. Approved: the review was positive.
  4. Rejected: the review was negative, a textual comment and/or file with comment may be added.
  5. Cancelled: a new document version has been posted, all active tasks have been cancelled.


If there are review tasks open within a project, they become visible in the dashboard.
      1. Open: all open and urgent review tasks.
      2. Urgent: all review tasks whose deadline has passed.
      3. Completed: completed review tasks.
      4. Responsible: open or urgent review tasks for which you are responsible.
      5. Owner: open or urgent review tasks on documents that your company is the author of.

Clicking on one of these counters opens the overview of review tasks in the communication module, with the relevant filters activated.

Complete review tasks

From the review task overview (1) in the communication module, tasks can be completed in three ways using the visible buttons:

(2) Approved: the document is approved.
(3) Rejected: the document has been rejected.
(4) Rejected with reason: rejected with a textual explanation or comments attached.

Depending on the review , a document becomes visible in the list of rejected or approved documents in the Realization module.

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