Workflows in BIMcollab Twin

Workflows in BIMcollab Twin

Workflows are designed to translate the various processes within a project into an automatic workflow. A set workflow starts when a new document is posted that meets the predefined requirements. All workflows can be activated or deactivated from the Workflows overview page.

From the Account Settings page (1), an admin can add a new workflow (2).  When adding a new workflow, information like name, description, order, and attached to need to be added. In addition, predefined conditions (3) can be set that a document needs to pass to trigger a workflow.

After adding initial workflow information, next we can set up the workflow steps (4). There are four standard actions that can be set, including an audit round, a review, a stamp and a notification action. When a new document is added that meets the conditions, the workflow is triggered and it then automatically monitors the progress and coordinates all tasks.

Audit Round 

An audit round has the following properties:

1. Description: description of the audit round, for reference only.
2. Responsible: one or more users. An audit task is created per responsible person. Team members from the same company can complete each other's audit tasks, but there is always one user who's name will be assigned as responsible.
3. Duration: number of days the audit task is open. The deadline of this task is determined by the duration.

After the deadline, the outcome of the audit tasks within the control round is evaluated and the next step in the workflow is started. An audit round has two outcomes:
  1. Always execute: execute the next step of the workflow no matter which outcome
  2. No comments: no comments have been placed on any of the audit tasks. Tasks not completed within the deadline also count as no comment. Thus, the audit round does not depend on all tasks being completed.
  3. Comments: comments have been placed on one or more audit tasks (within the deadline).


An assessment has the following properties:

1. Description: description of review task, for reference only.
2. Responsible: the users authorized to carry out the review. Each of these persons can handle the review, based on who ever starts it first. . Thus, only one review task is created per review.
3. Deadline: the number of days the review is open; after the deadline, the review task becomes urgent, but the workflow does not continue until the task is completed.

Unlike the audit round, a review is not evaluated until the task is completed. The deadline is for information purposes only. A review has two outcomes:
  1. Always execute: execute the next step of the workflow no matter which outcome
  2. Approved: the review was positive.
  3. Rejected: the review was negative, an explanation can be added in the form of text or an appendix.


This block is used to place a stamp on the document. One of the document stamps from the space can be selected. Document stamps can be added from the Account Settings page.


A notification sends a BIMcollab Twin notification to selected recipients. This notification is sent by e-mail, but is also stored in the user's personal dashboard. The notification contains:

1. Subject: the subject of the message, also the subject of the email sent.
2. Recipients: the users receiving the notification.
3. Message: a textual explanation

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