Password requirements

Password requirements

In a private BIMcollab Cloud space, you can define several password requirements as an administrator:
  1. The complexity of the password
  2. The period after which a user has to change their password
To edit these settings follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Administration dashboard by clicking on the settings icon  and selecting 'Administration'
  2. On the dashboard, click 'Space settings'

  3. Choose the desired settings
    1. For the complexity of the password, you can choose a simple or complex setting
    2. For the period after wich a user has to change his password, you can choose: never, 30 days, 90 days or 180 days
  4. Click 'Save'
The new settings will apply to new users in the space immediately when they are asked to create a new password for the first time.
For existing users, the settings will apply the next time they change their password, either because they are forced to or of their own accord.

When the user has to change their password because the period has expired, they will get a message on the login page of the space, and will not be able to login until they have chosen a new password.

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