Installation in a Citrix environment

Installation in a Citrix environment

BIMcollab ZOOM, as well as the BCF Managers, are protected with an easy to use licensing and activation system, developed with the following goals in mind:
  1. Free to use
  2. Easy for individual end users to sign on
  3. Easy for administrators to distribute over networks
In return, we ask end users to register themselves for a free BIMcollab account.

Users added to a paid space are automatically registered and will receive their personal activation code in the welcome email. For a network administrator, it is also possible to deploy the BIMcollab ZOOM installation on a roaming profile system such as Citrix.

What a network administrator needs to know

Activation key

Activation keys are personal and do not expire. Every registered user receives an activation key. This will allow users to activate BIMcollab applications on up to 10 systems. This number can be increased on request by contacting BIMcollab support at

License File

On activation the licensing system creates a license file which is saved in the following location:

This license file is shared by all users on the system and all BIMcollab applications (BCF Managers and ZOOM)

In order for the system to work, all users need:
  • to have read/write permissions to the license file
  • to have access to the internet


Each user’s personal settings are saved in their roaming profile:
in the registry: HKCU\Software\KUBUS\BCF Manager
to C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Kubus\BCF Manager\BCF Manager2.0.ini (Archicad)
to C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Kubus\BIMcollab Zoom\setting.xml (ZOOM)


To increase performance, some data is cached. The cache files can be found in:

These files can be deleted from the system at any time without impacting the functionality of the BIMcollab software.

How to distribute BIMcollab software

An administrator can follow the following steps in order to distribute BIMcollab ZOOM and/or the BCF managers over a Citrix/Roaming profile system:

Step 1: Register

To start with you will need a registration key which can be used as your company wide key. 
This can be any user’s existing key or you can request a new one here:

Step 2: Increase activations

Contact BIMcollab support to request additional licenses on your activation key for the number of machines in your pool. Please make sure you specify that this is for use on a Citrix/Roaming profile system. You can contact us via

Step 3: Distribute the license

There are two methods to distribute the license to all of your users:
  1. Method 1
    Distribute the activation key you received in step one, to every user’s registry:

    RegKey:         HKCU\Software\KUBUS\BCF Manager
    Value name:  ActivationKey
    Value type:    REG_SZ

    Enter the value data without any spaces or underscores (e.g. 123456789012345678901234)
  2. Method 2
    Activate any BIMcollab application on any system using the activation key you received in step one. This will result in a license file being created in:

    Copy this file and place it in the same folder on all of the systems in your pool.

Step 4: Silent activation

When a user starts a BCF Manager or BIMcollab ZOOM a silent activation will be performed and the license file will be written/updated.

Step 5: Provide personal info

When a user starts a BCF Manager or BIMcollab ZOOM for the first time they will be requested to enter their personal information so that they can be uniquely identified by the licensing system. This information will be saved in the settings and will be used to log actions on issue in BCF files or when connected to a BIMcollab space.

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