My BIMcollab ID

My BIMcollab ID

Your BIMcollab ID is an overarching account, based on your email address, which is used to identify you within the BIMcollab Ecosystem. It contains your personal information and can only be accessed by you.
In private BIMcollab Cloud spaces, you also have a Space account. The information in this account can be edited by both you and the administrator of the private space.

You can use your personal BIMcollab ID already (or in the near future) to:
  1. Work and collaborate in a private BIMcollab Cloud space
  2. Use a personal BIMcollab ZOOM license
  3. Start a free BIMcollab Cloud account, where you can try out the basics of issue management.
    The BIMcollab ID credentials can be used to login to to access your free project.
  4. View and validate your BIM models with the free version of BIMcollab ZOOM
  5. Use our free BCF Managers to connect your favorite BIM tools
This account will be created for you in several situations:
  1. When you are added to a private BIMcollab space and do not yet have an existing BIMcollab ID
  2. When requesting a BIMcollab ZOOM trial
  3. When activating BIMcollab ZOOM or one of the BCF Managers
  4. When creating a free project on
When creating a new BIMcollab ID, you are first asked to enter the email address with which you want to create the account. 
  1. If an account already exists for that email address, you will be asked to enter your password and will be logged in immediately.
  2. If no account exists yet, a verification code will be sent to your email. Enter the verification code, set a password , and you will be logged in. 
After login, you can enter more personal information, which helps us to offer you more personalised support.

The information in your account will be used when providing you with customer support as well as providing BIMcollab with customer insight.

The information in your BIMcollab ID is accessible from, as well as from any space you are added to with the same email address. 
  1. From, click on your avatar, and choose 'My account'

  2. From a private space, click on your avatar, choose 'My account' , and click on 'My BIMcollab ID'

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