Activate BIMcollab ZOOM (Free)

Activate BIMcollab ZOOM (Free)

First-time activation

When you start  BIMcollab ZOOM for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your personal activation key. 

This key is automatically sent to you when:
  1. An account is created for you on any private cloud
  2. You created a free account for yourself on
Make sure to verify your email address and complete the registration via the email we send you after creating an account.
For activation, you must be connected to the internet. If your company makes use of a proxy server then you can enter your proxy settings by clicking on 'Settings'.

Forgot your activation key?

  1. Look it up in your account in a private BIMcollab Cloud space by clicking on the Settings icon, and choosing 'My account'
    Or in your free account on by clicking on the Settings icon and choosing 'Preferences'
    If you cannot find the activation key in your account, you have not yet verified your email address. After the creation of your BIMcollab Account, we have sent you an email to verify your email address and complete the registration. Make sure to do so to receive your activation key.
  2. You can request to receive it any time here: request activation key >

Can I use BIMcollab ZOOM in a Citrix- or Roaming profile environment?

Yes. Starting from BIMcollab ZOOM 2, the licensing system has been simplified for those working in a Citrix/Roaming Profile environment. 
System administrators who wish to roll out BIMcollab software to multiple users can find more information here

Could not connect to the license server, how to proceed?

To complete the activation process you will need an internet connection. If this connection is somehow blocked this message will appear:

It can be a proxy server that is blocking traffic to the license server. On Windows, you can enter the proxy server settings manually in the Settings dialog by clicking the 'Settings' button on the main activation dialog shown above.

On macOS, you have to set the proxy correctly in the ‘Network Preferences’.

Why do I get the message that all my licenses are in use?

When starting BIMcollab ZOOM you may receive the following message:

Every registered user is allowed to activate our software on up to 10 different computers with the same activation key. When you have exceeded this amount you are prohibited from activating any more computers.

In the case where you are working in a Citrix type environment, each virtual machine you log into will be seen as a new computer and will use one of your activations.

In both cases, you can contact BIMcollab Support via and request to add additional licenses to your activation key.

Citrix users can also contact their network administrator and ask to have a BIMcollab license rolled out to the network. Information on how to do this can be found here.

Why can’t I activate BIMcollab ZOOM on macOS Mojave? 

When trying to activate your BIMcollab software on MacOS Mojave you may receive the following error message.

This will occur when your computer is in a time zone other than Central European Standard Time.
The work around is:
  1.  Set the time zone of your Mac to CEST
  2.  Start your BIMcollab software and activate it or allow it to re-activate itself in the background.
  3.  Set the time zone back to the correct setting

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