IFC data validation with Smart views

IFC data validation with Smart views

Smart views can be used in a variety of ways: to visualize properties, to check if your model complies to IDM (Information Delivery Manual) agreements, or to filter certain elements.

Model validation with Smart Views is available in BIMcollab Zoom Viewer. Additionally, BIMcollab Zoom together with BIMcollab Nexus supports automated rule-based property validation: IDS property validation in BIMcollab Zoom.


In this example we will create a Smart view to visualize and check the following IDM rule: "
Assign every MEP element to the correct system".

You need BIMcollab Zoom to perform these steps, click here to download the latest version.
  1. Go to the Smart views tab in BIMcollab Zoom
  2. If you haven't already done so, start by adding a new smart view set to which you will add the Smart views for checking IDM requirements:

  3. To add a new Smart view, you can either click on the '+' button or right-click on the smart view set and click on 'Add smart view' from the context menu
  4. Choose an easy-to-understand title and add a clear description

  5. If needed, you can add other elements in white transparent to provide context. To do this, add two lines to your Smart view: Use the 'Add & set colored' and 'Set transparent' actions the elements you want to add as context

  6. Choose 'Containers > System' as Element type
  7. Choose 'Summary > Name' as Property
  8. Choose 'Contains' as the operator, and enter the name of the element to color, for example 'Supply air'
  9. Choose 'Add and set colored' as the action, and select the desired color for the affected elements

    You can also use the Auto color function to have the colors chosen automatically by the software. For more information on Auto color, click here to see the article Classify components with auto color.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 for all the MEP items you want to check

  11. Click on the button to see the preview of the result;

  12. Save the Smart view and double click on your Smart view to run it and see the result

You now have a Smart view to visualize the components per system. This smart view can be used in any future project and can be shared with your project partners.

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