Classify components with auto-color

Classify components with auto-color

Smart views can be used for color coding and classifying components automatically. This includes providing a legend showing values and corresponding colors for reference.
In this example we will create a Smart view which gives every element a color based on their Material name.
  1. Create a new Smart view and give it a meaningful title and description.

  2. Adjust the first rule so it adds all elements for which the property Material Name is defined.

  3. Add a new rule by clicking on the button, or copy the first rule by clicking on the button, and instruct BIMcollab Zoom to auto color all of these elements.

  4. Save the Smart view and run it to see the result.

All elements with the same value for the material name, are color coded in the same way so that you gain a clear view the distribution of different materials throughout the model. An Auto color legend will be displayed, with a list of all different material name values in the model, and the associated color. Click in the legend to visualize components with the same material name. Right-click to copy the values to your clipboard or export to a CSV file.

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