Enable workflow features for projects in a Premium or Ultimate space

Enable workflow features for projects in a Premium or Ultimate space

When a project leader edits a project in a Premium or Ultimate space, they have some additional options that are not available in the free or Essential plans:
  1. Only allow to assign issues to members of the team member's usergroup(s)
    When this option is enabled, team members can only assign issues to other team members that are part of the same groups. A team member can be part of multiple groups.

  2. Use approval workflow
    The field 'Approval' is available for the issues in the project. When creating or editing an issue, you can add team members who need to approve the resolution of the issue before it is closed. When the issue is resolved, the team members added to the 'Approval' field will be notified to approve the issue.
    Note: The issues can still be closed by anyone with the right to close issues.

  3. Allow visibility for issue creators
    When this option is enabled, the 'Visible for' field is active when creating an issue. The creator of the issue can define for whom the issue is visible.
    The following options are available:
    1. All
    2. Only me
    3. My company
    4. Project leaders
    5. Any of the user groups that are present in the project
When this option is disabled, all issues are visible for all team members in the project.
If this option is disabled while the project is already underway, the visibility options that have been ascribed to existing issues will continue to apply for those issues. New issues will be visible for all team members.
  1. Use Custom fields
    Custom fields can be used to add additional project specific information to issues. The project leader can choose which custom fields are available for the project.

  2. Mandatory fields
    The project leader can add one or more fields to this list. Any fields that are made mandatory need to be filled in before an issue can be saved.

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