Make fields mandatory

Make fields mandatory

As a project leader, BIMcollab Cloud allows you to make one or more fields in the issue data mandatory, ensuring that team members must always enter or select a valid value when creating new issues.

To set fields as mandatory follow the following steps:
  1. Log into your BIMcollab cloud as a project leader
  2. From your 'My projects' page, select the project and go to the Settings page
  3. Go to the tab 'General'
  4. Click on Mandatory fields and select all fields you wish to add to the list

  5. Click Save
Once set, any team member who creates or edits an issue will be notified that a field must be filled in. Also the ‘not set’ options will be removed from the pull-down lists.
When trying to save the issue without having filled in the mandatory fields, you will get a notification and will not be able to save the issue.

The Mandatory fields feature is only available in the BIMcollab Cloud Connected and Enterprise plans

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