Warning of more than 25.000 components when zooming to the viewpoint of an issue

Warning of more than 25.000 components when zooming to the viewpoint of an issue

Some applications using BCF can create viewpoints with an extreme number of components. This can seriously effect the practical use of BCF and BIMcollab Nexus.
For performance reasons we have added a warning when (too) many components are associated to a viewpoint.

You can choose not to download and lookup the components by using the 'Zoom-to: Quick' function of the BCF Manager. This results in a fast zoom using only the camera position of the viewpoint.

If there are many ‘heavy’ viewpoints, you can activate this option to win time when navigating to the viewpoints. You can also use it when you do not get the warning of more than 25.000 components.
For more information on the Zoom-to function, go to Zoom-to and section box.

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