Zoom-to and section box

Zoom-to and section box

Get to issues faster: Zoom-to and section box

BCF stores viewpoints along with issues details. Viewpoints contain the camera position and a selection of components. Use the BCF Manager’s Zoom-to feature to quickly find that specific viewpoint in your model. Use the BCF Manager’s section box feature to quickly isolate the part of the model around the issue components.


The Zoom-to option helps you to quickly retrieve heavy viewpoints which contain a large number of components. This feature has multiple options to choose from, to determine the best way of navigating to a viewpoint. This depends on the number of components in the issues, the performance of your computer and the patience you have.


Retrieves all the viewpoint information, like visible elements in the viewpoint and color overrides. This can take longer when you are working with issues where a large number of components are linked to the viewpoint.


When you have viewpoints that take a long time to load because they were created with a very large number of components, you can enable the Quick Zoom-to option. This function will only use the camera position and (if any) place the section planes. It does not take the information of linked components into account, so it allows you to quickly jump to the correct location.

Smart (Revit only)

The Smart Zoom-to automatically optimizes the way the viewpoint is retrieved. It determines which information should be shown for the most efficient model display, and automatically chooses between Full and Quick. This way the recreation of the viewpoint always remains fast when opening the issue.

Archicad BCF manager and older versions

You can enable and disable the Quick zoom option beneath the issues list.
  1. When Quick zoom is activated, the button will appear blue
  2. When Quick zoom is disabled, the button will appear grey

Section Box

This will instruct the BCF Manager to automatically place a section box around the affected components, providing a much better view of the issue allowing you to quickly get to the root of the problem.
Issues and Clashes are often found between components in different models. For instance a pipe in a MEP model may go through a wall found in the structural model. Although most BIM applications will allow you to visualize the federated model, the BCF Manager can sometimes, for example in Revit, only access those components which reside in the native model. The result is that after zooming to an issue, only the components in the native model can be seen. In these cases you can use the Section Box feature.

1. without section box

2. with section box

The section box function is not available within the BCF Manager for Tekla Structures.

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