View Templates

View Templates

A View Template allows you to save pre-defined graphic and visual settings to a template, so that they can be applied to any 3D view or a floor plan at any time, from the 3D objects module.

When creating a new View Template, you can make multiple selections:
  1. Style schemes: apply visual overrides to your view. read more about Style schemes.
  2. Aspect models: choose which specific models the elements should be shown from. read more about Aspect models.
  3. Project structure: select which project structure to apply to your template
  4. Categories: choose which categories the elements should be shown from
  5. Classification codes: specify which classification codes will be saved to the template
  6. Materials: filter out which specific materials will be shown in the template
  7. Linked applications: displays which applications are linked, from which the data can be imported

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