Retrieve a property/quantity listing with the auto color function

Retrieve a property/quantity listing with the auto color function

It is possible to retrieve a property/quantity listing from the currently loaded project.
To do this follow these steps:
  1. Start BIMcollab ZOOM with a ZOOM license
  2. Select the Smart view panel
  3. Create a smart view which will auto color the required components
    For example: Auto color all elements for which the Material Name is defined

  4. Define in the Auto color property listing the property to be quantified as well as the value desired

  5. Save the Smart view, and double click it in the list of Smart views to show the results. The results are shown within the auto color legend

To export your results as a CSV file, right mouse click any line in the legend and select 'Export table to CSV'. You can also copy the entire table or a single value.

BIMcollab ZOOM does not perform quantity calculations. All values are extracted directly from the IFC models.

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