Purchase a ZOOM license

Purchase a ZOOM license

BIMcollab ZOOM licenses can be purchased in two ways:
  1. Company licenses as part of a BIMcollab Cloud subscription. Per space one license type can be chosen. We offer two company license types:
    1. Named licenses are assigned to one specific user. This user can therefore always retrieve a BIMcollab ZOOM license. An administrator can assign the license to a user.
    2. Floating licenses work with a license pool. Per license four users can be added to the pool and share the license. One user at a time can retrieve the BIMcollab ZOOM license. An administrator can assign users to the license pool.
  2. Personal licenses as individual licenses without a BIMcollab Cloud subscription. These licenses are linked to one email address and cannot be shared.
Visit our website to become familiar with what BIMcollab ZOOM has to offer when using a license.

Company licenses

To purchase (more) ZOOM licenses or change from floating to named licenses if you already have a BIMcollab cloud subscription:
  1. Log into your BIMcollab Cloud as an administrator
  2. Go to the Administration dashboard by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner

  3. On the Subscription page you can see how many licenses you currently have:

  4. Click 'Get a quote to upgrade' to access the form which permits you to update your contract
  5. Select the desired ZOOM license type 

  6. Select the desired number of ZOOM licenses
  7. Immediately see the new price updates
  8. Click 'Place order' and complete the process
Once completed, you can immediately assign these licenses to a user or a license pool.
For more information about managing licenses please read Manage BIMcollab ZOOM licenses in BIMcollab.
In case you don't already have a BIMcollab Cloud subscription: Get a private BIMcollab Cloud space with ZOOM licenses.

Personal license

How to purchase a Personal license:
  1. Visit our website here
  2. Choose the amount of licenses you require, and click 'Buy now'
  3. Enter your details. You will receive a quote by mail as well as instructions on how to complete your purchase
    Once this has been completed and you receive confirmation:
  4. Start BIMcollab ZOOM
  5. Connect to join.bimcollab.com. You will automatically receive your license
For more information on how to active your license, consult the article Retrieve a ZOOM license

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