Publish issues which were opened from a BCF file

Publish issues which were opened from a BCF file

The BCF Managers can be used to synchronize issues directly with BIMcollab by connecting to a project, or you can work offline by creating, opening, editing and saving BCF files.

With the New, Open and Save buttons, you can work with BCF files, which we call the offline mode. 

When you connect to BIMcollab Cloud you can work on the issues in the project in the cloud. This is what we call the online mode.

These two workflows cannot be mixed.
  1. When you want to connect to BIMcollab Cloud, the BCF file in which you are working first needs to be saved and closed
  2. When you want to open a BCF file, you first have to disconnect from your project on BIMcollab Cloud
To be able to save issues from a BCF file into a project in BIMcollab Cloud, follow these steps:
  1. Login to your BIMcollab Cloud in the browser, and choose the project to which you want to add the issues
  2. Go to the 'Issues' page, then click on the 'Import' button and upload the BCF file
For more information on the offline workflow with the BCF Managers and BIMcollab Cloud, go to the article Offline workflow BCF Manager

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