Publish a Solibri presentation to BIMcollab Nexus

Publish a Solibri presentation to BIMcollab Nexus

This workflow only applies to Solibri 9.10 and earlier versions. From Solibri 9.12 onwards, issues are synchronized through the BCF Live Connector. BCF Live does not support presentations, however it is possible to import issues from presentations directly to BCF live. For the complete workflow between Solibri and BIMcollab Nexus, please consult How to deal with issues found in Solibri
A presentation can be published using the BCF connector. Depending on your workflow up to the point of publishing some limitations exist.

A new presentation created by you and never updated by BCF files from other stakeholders can always be synced to BIMcollab directly.
During sync all issues will inherit your name as creator, as you are the one that is connected to BIMcollab Nexus. The date of synchronization will also be used as creation date for all issues.
If you have merged issues or comments from other users, we recommend you use the following steps once:
  1. Create a project in BIMcollab Nexus
  2. Create a report in Solibri of the presentation in BCF format (preferably BCF 2.1)
  3. Import the BCF file into BIMcollab Nexus
  4. Create a new presentation and download the issues from BIMcollab Nexus
Once issues are downloaded to your project, you can continue your work by regularly synchronizing your project through the BCF Connector.

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