On-premise BIMcollab Nexus FAQ

On-premise BIMcollab Nexus FAQ

We have a limited version of BIMcollab Nexus available for on-premise installation from Ultimate 500+ users (without BIMcollab Model Viewer and without security or feature updates). In our offering we focus on multi- and single tenant solutions based on Microsoft Azure, also with special security demands like VPN access or encrypted data. If you want to know more about this, contact us.

In this article we answer some frequently asked questions about your on-premise BIMcollab space.

System requirements

Minimum requirements

  1. Processor
    2 CPU
  2. Memory
  3. Disk

Supported software versions

  1. Windows 2019 and higher
  2. SQL Server 2019 and higher. Web/Standard/Enterprise versions
  3. IIS Server 10 and higher


Can I manually update the number of users on an on-premise space?

It is not possible to manage your subscription directly via the dashboard of the on-premise space.
To request an update please contact BIMcollab via sales@bimcollab.com. This update will be provided by sending you a small batch-file which needs to be run on the Windows server.


Can I manually modify the database?

The database should never be manually modified whatsoever. Changing the database can cause irreversible damage and cause the space to cease to function.

Should I make backups of the database?

Yes, You are responsible for making periodic backups of the database. It is important to note that you should not back up or restore individual tables but rather the database as a whole.


The BIMcollab space is not online

There are a number of reasons why a BIMcollab space is not online. Please start by checking if the following components are running on your server:
  1. Is IIS running?
    1. Check if the BIMcollab space is started. Do this in IIS.
    2. Check if the BIMcollab space Pool is running. Do this in the Windows task manager.
    3. Check if the BIMcollab MailDigestService is started. Do this in IIS.
    4. Check if the BIMcollab MailDigestService Pool is running. Do this in the task manager.
  2. Is the database server running?
    1. Open Services and verify the MS SQL server is running.
  3. Is SMTP server running?
If you have confirmed that all of these services are running and your space is still not running then please contact BIMcollab support via support@bimcollab.com.

The BIMcollab space is very slow

There are a number of reasons why your BIMcollab space could be slow.
  1. Reason: The MailDigestService is not working or very slow.
    Solution: restart the MailDigestService in IIS.
  2. Reason: There is a very heavy task running on the server which uses all CPU and/or RAM. This task can be a BIMcollab task itself like import/export a huge amount of issue’s.
    Solution: wait until these tasks are finished and check again.
If you are still not able to identify the cause for the diminished performance then please contact BIMcollab support via support@bimcollab.com.

Users can't find or connect to the space

In most cases this is caused by the DNS server not correctly resolving the space name.

Note that there are several ways to resolve such issues.
A simple solution is to add the local IP address of the server into the hosts file on the local machines. In the case that users are unable to connect via a BCF Manager you should check if the BCF Manager service is running on the server. To check, please enter the following URL into a internet browser on the computer which cannot connect:
https://.bimcollab.com/ webservice-010302/kubusbcfservice.svc (* enter your space prefix here)
If the service is properly running, you should see a webpage as shown in the example below.


You can find the BIMcollab Nexus acknowledgements on our website.

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