Model tab in BIMcollab Nexus

Model tab in BIMcollab Nexus

BIMcollab Nexus is a platform that offers an array of online model viewing features, allowing users to seamlessly navigate through intricate models, analyze properties, and address issues efficiently. In this article, we will delve into the three available model viewing options: BIMcollab Model WebViewer, Autodesk Docs integration, and Trimble Connect integration.

1. BIMcollab Model WebViewer

The BIMcollab Model WebViewer stands as a powerful tool for users seeking a streamlined way to view IFC models, gain insights into their properties and addressing any issue that arises. In the Navigation tab, a project leader can load models to the BIMcollab Model WebViewer. Other members of the team then can view the models and work with various available features. (Available in all BIMcollab Nexus plans) 

2. Autodesk Docs Integration

The integration with Autodesk Docs opens up additional possibilities for users, allowing them to view models directly from an Autodesk Docs folder, create new issues, and evaluate existing issues within the BIMcollab Nexus web application. This integration can be tested on Join (free) or Essential plans for a trial period of 4 weeks. (Available in Premium and Ultimate plans) 

Two ways to set up the Autodesk Docs integration

a. Use Autodesk Docs as your Common Data Environment (CDE) and view models in BIMcollab Nexus with the integrated BIMcollab Model WebViewer. (Soon to be available.) 
b. Use Autodesk Docs as your CDE and view models in BIMcollab Nexus using a mirror from the Autodesk Docs viewer (Forge viewer).

3. Trimble Connect Integration

The Trimble Connect integration provides users with the ability to view models from a Trimble Connect platform, create and assess issues directly from the BIMcollab Nexus web application. Similar to Autodesk Docs integration, users can test this feature on Join (free) or Essential plans for a trial period of 4 weeks. (Available in Premium and Ultimate plans) 

Set up a viewer for the model tab 

BIMcollab Nexus offers a comprehensive suite of model viewing options, catering to diverse project requirements. Whether using the BIMcollab Model WebViewer or integrating with Autodesk Docs or Trimble Connect, users can enhance their collaboration and issue resolution capabilities within the BIMcollab Nexus platform. Explore these features by following these steps: 
  1. Log in to BIMcollab Nexus
  2. Select the desired project where you are a Project Leader
  3. Navigate to the Settings page of the project
  4. Click on 'Integration'
  5. Set up your desired viewer. 

Elaborated instructions on each of the viewers

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