Migrate projects from join.bimcollab.com to a private space

Migrate projects from join.bimcollab.com to a private space

This article is relevant for you if you want to transition from a Join space to a private space and start your commercial projects. 

BIMcollab Nexus doesn't support moving
projects from join.bimcollab.com to a private space, or from one private space to the other.
However, you can share some of the data by transferring issues between projects from different spaces.

Issues can be copied from one project to the other by following the steps below:
  1. Log into join.bimcollab.com or a private BIMcollab space from which you want to transfer the issues.
  2. Create a BCF report of the necessary issues as explained in the 'Export Issues from BIMcollab Nexus' paragraph in the Offline workflow article.
  3. Log into your private BIMcollab space which you would like to copy the issues to.
  4. Create a new project and go to the project page.
  5. Go to the Settings page of your project and add any values for the Types, Priorities and Labels which deviate from the standard values and are present in the issues from the source project.
  6. Make sure all users which are assigned to issues are added to the project as team members. If necessary, add the users to the space first.
  7. Create user groups and add the team members to the correct groups, according to the source project.
  8. Once the project parameters are setup matching with the source project, go to the 'Import' page of the project.
    Import the created BCF file by following the steps listed in 'Import the offline created issues in BIMcollab Nexus' paragraph in the Offline workflow article.
When importing BCF files, the following data from existing issues will not be copied:
  1. Area
  2. Custom fields
  3. Change log
  4. Visibility
  5. Links to clashes in Smart Issues
  6. Links to a Navisworks clash test
These values will need to be created and reassigned to the issues manually. A default value can be chosen for these fields during the import of the BCF file.
You may know of Join.bimcollab.com which is a former generic testing environment with limited features. It is advised to not set up commercial projects on this test environment. If you decided to run your commercial project on this test environment, note that we hold all the rights to make changes to the functionalities and limitations of the free account without further notice. Additionally, inactive projects would be deleted after 3 months.

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