Headlines history

Headlines history

New release: Smart Properties | 09-06-2022

With the new version of BIMcollab Zoom being released on June 9th 2022, Smart Properties are ready to use! With Smart Properties you can easily re-organize and structure BIM data to your needs for consistent model validation. We believe this feature is a game changer for the model validation landscape!

Create your own properties and classifications based on existing object attributes. Or map values from different properties to a single new, user-defined property, to be used generically within Smart Views, Clash Rules or Lists. Smart Properties offer many possibilities!

Find out more about Smart Properties in our Help Center.

New prices BIMcollab Zoom | 01-05-2022

As of May 1st 2022, the prices of our BIMcollab Zoom licenses will change.
Over the past years, we've developed our products at a high and steady rate. We are determined to maintain this pace, while still offering free support for all plans. This along with an increase of overall prices, including those of our suppliers, makes increasing our own end user prices inevitable.

What does this mean for you?

The new prices will be valid for new licenses from May 1st, and for existing licenses per the next renewal date.
  1. Personal licenses: 60 EUR per user per month (was 50 EUR)
  2. Company licenses: 60 EUR per license per month for max. 4 users (was 50 EUR for 5 users) = 15 EUR per user per month
For plans with a large number of licenses, a volume discount is applicable.
You can find a full overview of the prices, depending on the amount of licenses on our website.
Consult the article New prices BIMcollab Nexus, for more information about the new prices for BIMcollab Nexus.

Note: The ratio of the price change might differ for other currencies, since we will also actualize conversion ratios.

Could not activate BIMcollab Zoom | 22-02-2022

Due to several recent security updates, the activation of certain older versions is no longer possible. Because of this, you might get this error message during the activation process of BIMcollab Zoom:

Download the most recent version of BIMcollab Zoom from our website.

If you already installed the most recent version of BIMcollab Zoom, the message might appear because your internet connection is somehow blocked. You can check the following things:
  1. Your internet connection is running

  2. The firewall does not block the bimcollab.com domain
    BIMcollab Zoom must have access to the entire bimcollab.com domain, which has the following IP range: - - - -

    All communication is performed using the HTTPS protocol using the standard IP port 443

  3. If your company's internet connection runs through a proxy server, the proxy settings need to be configured in order for BIMcollab Zoom to have an internet connection.
    1. Windows: Enter the proxy server settings manually in the Settings dialog by clicking the 'Settings' button in the main activation dialog.

    2. macOS : Set the proxy correctly in System Preferences > Network of your computer