Edit multiple issues in BIMcollab Nexus

Edit multiple issues in BIMcollab Nexus

In BIMcollab Nexus, you have the possibility to edit multiple issues at the same time. To do this, you must go to the Issues page in your project, and choose the list or tile view to display the issues.
When you are using the List view you can use the check boxes on the left to choose the issues you wish to edit.

If you want to select all the issues present in the list, you can check the box at the top of the table.

When you are in he tile view you can use each checkbox on the issue tile to select it.

After you have selected the issues, you can:
  1. Click on the red, yellow, or green flags, to add the selected issues to your favorites collection

  2. Click on the 'Edit' button in the status bar to display the options window which will allow you to carry out the following modifications:
    1. Modify issue properties, such as type, area, milestone, and others
    2. Add team members to the list of approvers
    3. Add a common comment to all selected issues

In multi-edit mode, you can edit almost all issue properties except visibility settings and issue status:
  1. The 'Visible for' field can only be changed in the multi-edit mode, if you created all of the selected issues
  2. The status of the issues can only be changed if all the selected issues have the same status:
    1. If all the selected issues have the status 'Active', you will have access to the 'Resolve' and 'Resolve and close' buttons
    2. If all the selected issues have the status 'To be approved', you will have access to the button 'Close', and if you are added to the list of approvers for the issue, you will see the options 'Approve' and 'Reject' as well
    3. If all the selected issues have the status 'Resolved' you will have access to the 'Reactivate' and 'Close' buttons
    4. If all the selected issues have the status 'Closed', you will have access to the 'Reopen' button
You can change the status in the status bar or in the edit mode when you have selected similar issues

If it is not possible to close issues, it means the ability to close issues is limited to certain people or groups by the project leader.
Be mindful when adding team members to the notify list as each user will receive a notification email for every issue updated.

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