Connect to BIMcollab Cloud from BCF managers or BIMcollab ZOOM

Connect to BIMcollab Cloud from BCF managers or BIMcollab ZOOM

  1. Open the BCF Manager or BIMcollab ZOOM and click on the Connection icon 
  2. In the field 'BIMcollab', fill in the following information:
    1. to connect to your free BIMcollab account
    2. the URL of your private space (e.g. to connect to the private BIMcollab space
  3. Fill in your login credentials and click 'Connect'
  4. Choose the project which you want to connect to, and click OK

Any issues which are already present in the project and are visible to you, will be displayed in the BCF Manager after connecting.
For a more detailed workflow regarding the BCF Managers, consult the article Quick Start Guides BCF Managers.
Download the BCF Managers and BIMcollab ZOOM from our website.

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