Commenting and editing issues

Commenting and editing issues

In BIMcollab Cloud, as well as with BIMcollab ZOOM or the BCF manager you can add comments to existing issues and edit it’s properties,

BIMcollab Cloud

From BIMcollab Cloud, you can add comments and edit issues from the Issues page of your project
  1. Go to the Issues page of your project
  2. From the hamburger menu , choose 'Edit Issue', or first click on the issue to see an overview of the Issues properties, and click on the 'Edit Issue' button on the top right.

  3. Add your comments in the dialog, if necessary you can add team members to the notify list or change other issue properties. 

  4. After completing all the edits, click 'Save'

BIMcollab ZOOM and the BCF Managers

Adding a comment and editing an issue from BIMcollab ZOOM or the BCF Manager can be done as follows:
  1. Connect to the correct space and project
  2. Select the issue you wish to comment on from the list 
  3. Click on the Edit issue pencil

  4. Add your comments in the dialog, if necessary you can add team members to the notify list or change other issue properties. 

  5. When you have completed all of your edits, save the issue and synchronize your changes with BIMcollab. 

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