Colors of issues based on their status

Colors of issues based on their status

The title of issues in  BIMcollab Cloud, BCF Managers, and BIMcollab ZOOM will be in different color based on their progress status.
Read more about approval workflow and progress status in Classifying and Structuring Issues.
The issues can have the following status and corresponding color:
  1. Black = Active
  2. Red = Active, deadline passed
  3. Blue = Resolved
  4. Grey = Closed

In the Connected an Enterprise plans, you also have access to a workflow which allows you to indicate a user who needs to approve the issue. This results in two additional Issue statuses:
  1. Purple = Resolved, To approve
  2. Blue = Resolved, Approved

To learn more about the approval workflow, consult the article The approval workflow.
To know more about filtering issues based on status see Manage issues with filters.

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