Allow communication to BIMcollab Nexus through the firewall

Allow communication to BIMcollab Nexus through the firewall

In order to startup BIMcollab Zoom and BCF Managers or make a connection to BIMcollab Nexus, you need access to the internet. This connection from the applications to BIMcollab Nexus might be blocked by a firewall.
Open the firewall to the following IP ranges and domains in order to allow all communication to BIMcollab Nexus:
  1. IP ranges:
    Block / Owner / Provider / Host Min. / Host Max. /Subnet
    1. / KUBUS / Interconnect / / / 
    2. / KUBUS / Interconnect / / /
    3. / KUBUS / Interconnect / / /
    4. / KUBUS / Interconnect / / /

  2. Domains:
All communication is performed through the HTTPS protocol using the standard IP port 443.
If you make use of a proxy server, also fill in your proxy settings. If necessary, ask your IT department for help.

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