Why was my issue data overwritten by Solibri?

Why was my issue data overwritten by Solibri?

This workflow only applies to Solibri 9.10 and earlier versions. From Solibri 9.12 onward, issues are synchronized automatically through the BCF Live Connector.

When exporting changes to BIMcollab Nexus, the BCF Connector compares the versions of the issues in Solibri with those in BIMcollab. If a difference is detected, the BCF Connector assumes the issue has been modified in Solibri, and the issue in BIMcollab Nexus is updated according to the version in Solibri.
When changes have been made to the issues in BIMcollab Nexus between synchronizations, Solibri will recognize a difference, and overwrite this data with the issuedata from Solibri, even though this might might not be the most recent version.

We recommend that you:
  1. Always import the latest data from BIMcollab Nexus, before starting to make your changes in the BCF connector
  2. Immediately export your changes to BIMcollab Nexus as soon as possible after editing issues in Solibri

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