Why does the issue numbering in Solibri differ from BIMcollab Nexus's?

Why does the issue numbering in Solibri differ from BIMcollab Nexus's?

Issue numbering in versions prior to Solibri can differ from those synced from BIMcollab Nexus. In this version a new connection option has been added that correctly synchronizes the index numbering from BIMcollab Nexus to Solibri.

Change to the connection named: New BIMcollab in the BCF connector server setup to take advantage of the improvements.

BIMcollab numbers all issues, based on the order they are created, published or imported from all connected applications. BIMcollab is therfore, leading in defining the issue numbering. Solibri issue numbering will be replaced by numbering from BIMcollab after synchronization.

Be aware that numbering in Solibri only updates after a download from BIMcollab. When creating new issues in Solibri the numbering will be temporary and will receive a final number after being uploaded and downloaded from BIMcollab

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