Why do I still see old team member names in Solibri?

Why do I still see old team member names in Solibri?

This can only occur in Solibri 9.10 and earlier versions. From Solibri 9.12 onward, the BCF Live Connector allows users only to select server-supported values. 

When you choose to export new or changed issues to BIMcollab, the user names will be converted to known team member names in BIMcollab Cloud. These changes will not be visible in Solibri until you import them from BIMcollab Cloud. We therefore recommend to first download changes from BIMcollab, then make changes in Solibri and finally upload new and changed issues to BIMcollab.

In some cases the old unconverted user names will remain in the selection list after synchronization. Please close and then re-open your model to refresh the list.

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