Why are viewpoint colors not the same when I zoom to issues in Navisworks?

Why are viewpoint colors not the same when I zoom to issues in Navisworks?

If the colors in the viewpoint are not the same as in the snapshot of the issue, most likely the Zoom-to option 'Quick' is active. The colors saved in a viewpoint will only be shown when zooming to issues when the option 'Full' option is selected.
  1. Quick:

  1. Full:

Switching this option should resolve the problem. By default this option is set to Zoom-to: Quick.
Another common issue is that by default the 'Override Appearance' option is not activated for the Saved Viewpoints which are manually created within Navisworks. When these viewpoints are imported into the BCF Manager, no color information will be saved.

We recommend that you activate this option for any Saved Viewpoints you wish to import.
For a single viewpoint, this option can be activated by right clicking on the viewpoint in the list, choosing 'Edit' and enabling 'Override Appearance'.
You can also set this as a default option within Navisworks by going to Options > Interface > Viewpoint Defaults.

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