Why a desktop app and not browser based?

Why a desktop app and not browser based?

Cloud based systems are essential for sharing information and working together on models and issues. However, to be cloud based does not mean that all functionality needs to be browser based.

For managing large (federated) models we believe that the user experience in a desktop-application is much better than in a browser environment. 
Knowing that desktop applications can connect and exchange data very well with web platforms, we have chosen to deliver BIMcollab ZOOM as a desktop application with more complete functionalities for viewing and working on 3D models.
BIMcollab ZOOM offers a direct connection with BIMcollab Cloud to easily exchange information and synchronize issues.

Integration with file sharing utilities (such as BIM 360, Trimble Connect, and Dropbox) is also available to easily share models and other documents within your team, and to automatically open the most recent versions of your models in BIMcollab ZOOM.
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