Where can Smart Properties be used?

Where can Smart Properties be used?

Smart Properties are available in BIMcollab ZOOM as if they are native properties. They are usable in all other functions of BIMcollab ZOOM, like Smart views, Clash rules, Lists and any other place where IFC properties can be found.

To be able to create and use Smart Properties in BIMcollab ZOOM, you need an active ZOOM license.
Smart Properties are currently only available in the Windows version of BIMcollab ZOOM.

This means they can be found and used in the following locations:
  1. Property panel of a selected component
    If a Smart Property is valid for the selected element, the Smart Property set will show up property panel. For every Smart Property set, a new tab will be added, and the Smart Properties of the set will be located in the property grid of the tab.

  2. Smart views/Clash rules/Lists
    Smart Properties can be chosen from the property dropdowns to filter elements in Smart views, Clash rules and Lists.

  3. List properties
    Smart Properties can be chosen as one of the properties to be retrieved in a List.

  4. Tooltip and Stamp tool settings
    The properties can be used to display information about elements in the 3D window. Go to Extra > Settings > Properties > Tooltip and Stamp tool settings to choose which properties should be displayed.


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