What added features does BIMcollab ZOOM offer on top of IFC model viewing?

What added features does BIMcollab ZOOM offer on top of IFC model viewing?

ZOOM offers a lot more than IFC viewing, such as:
  • Visual model validation of IFC models with the help of smart views
  • Check your model against an IDM* with smart views, and create issues
  • Create a federated model from multiple IFC files and save as shareable project file (.bcp)
  • Link a shared folder to automatically open shared files
  • Direct link to issues in BIMcollab's issue management platform, BIMcollab Cloud
  • Create, edit and comment on BIM issues
  • Clash detection, setup and share clash rules
  • Different ways to visualize clashes
  • Clash grouping in by type, story, grid, etc.
  • Batch generation of issues from clashes
  • Follow up on the status of clashes with Smart Issues
  • Extract information from your IFC model with Lists
  • Quantity listing and property counting
*IDM, abbreviation for "Information Delivery Manual", is a common reference in the BIM data exchange processes. IDMs are generally represented by a process map. For more information on IDMs, please visit the buildingSMART international website. 

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