View shared resources in BIMcollab Nexus

View shared resources in BIMcollab Nexus

Collaborating with team member in a BIMcollab Nexus project can be expanded by using BIMcollab Zoom, our model validation application. The tools to perform clash detection and data extraction in Zoom can be shared easily with others in the project after connecting to BIMcollab Nexus. These shared resources, can be viewed in BIMcollab Nexus via the "Checking" tab.

What does the "Checking " tab contain?

  1. Specification - for property validation (IDS)
  2. Smart properties - to classify and restructure model data
  3. Smart views - for model insight and validation
  4. Clash rules - to perform clash detection
  5. Lists - for model data extraction
To edit or remove the shared Zoom resources, you should open BIMcollab Zoom and make the desired change (Only if you have Zoom edit rights).
However, the "Specifications" are edited, removed or added on BIMcollab Nexus and only by the project leaders.
Specification setup for your project in BIMcollab Nexus is a necessary step before starting any IDS property validation in BIMcollab Zoom. Follow this article to create an IDS in BIMcollab Nexus.

Information about sharing Zoom resources

  1. How to share Smart views
  2. How to share Clash rules
  3. How to share Smart properties
  4. How to share Lists definitions
    While you can see the List titles in the setting tab, shared List results can be viewed in BIMcollab Nexus via the Lists page.

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