Version history

Version history

On BIMcollab Twin, the different versions of the same file are collected under the document number. If a new file is uploaded with the same document number, it will be considered a new version. Unique and consistent document numbering is therefore very important within a project, read more about document numbers here. 

If a Document Naming Convention is implemented for the project phase, it will act in a same way. If a document with the same document number is added, a notification is displayed, that the uploaded document will be treated as a new version of the existing document with the same document number.

By default, the latest version is downloaded, but all versions of your choice can be downloaded in the version history. The old versions can be found in the versions tab (1) of a document. Click on the download icon (2) to download the file of the specific version. Using the Add version button (3) you can easily add a new version of this document. In this upload form, only the details of this new version can be changed, the general document details such as the description, discipline and manufacturer cannot be changed.

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