Upload list

Upload list

When uploading documents, BIMcollab Twin asks for document details, which can be filled in automatically using a special upload list. This list links the file name to the document details. By uploading this upload list together with the files, the data can be copied.

Create upload list

Most drawing and modeling packages have the option to transfer the data from the bottom corner of a drawing into an Excel file. Sometimes it takes some work to set this up, but it saves a lot of time when uploading files. Above all, you ensure that the information on BIMcollab Twin always corresponds exactly with the information stated on the sheet or the drawing. By using this method, typographical errors when filling in the document details are also excluded.

You can download the upload lists below in different languages: 

The gamerules

The use of a document list does have some rules. This way, the Excel file is only read once when it is uploaded and then deleted. So you cannot reuse the file and it must be uploaded together with the files every time. If the upload list meets the requirements below, it will be read correctly:

  1. The file name of the upload list contains the word “upload list” . Text may be placed in front or behind.
  2. The file extension is .xlsx .
  3. Use the same column names as in the template.
  4. These column names must always be on the 4th line of the Excel file.
  5. The order of the columns does not matter, so this may be adjusted compared to the example.
  6. Lines 1 to 3 are not read, project data, logos or own explanations may be placed here.
  7. Each line with a document number is considered a file. So do not place subheadings in this column.
  8. The file name column must also contain the file extension, for example: drawing.pdf
  9. The contents of cells must be an exact match with the metadata set on BIMcollab Twin.
When uploading, BIMcollab Twin looks up the file names in the upload list. Only the files that are uploaded together with the upload list are read. The upload list may therefore contain additional lines for other files, but these will not be read. BIMcollab Twin reports that this file has not been found.

The upload list may contain additional information and can be formatted with, for example, colors and subheadings. Make sure that this information is always in its own column, which is not read by BIMcollab Twin.

The Upload documents article provides further information about the uploading process.

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