Upload documents

Upload documents

At the top right of the screen is the button for adding (1) documents to a project phase. The path in the navigation menu (2) determines the space, location, project or project phase where the documents will be placed. Thus, it will be necessary to navigate to the right place on BIMcollab Twin before documents can be placed. For example, if documents are to be placed in different phases, they must split up and be uploaded on their respective phase. 

Upload documents

Documents can be added to BIMcollab Twin by drag-and-drop (1). In case drag-and-drop is not supported by your browser, you can also look up your drawings and upload them by using the "Choose files" button (2). Then choose the Upload button (3) to submit the files. If you want to create an information template for a file that is yet to be uploaded, select Placeholder (5).

Personal queue

After uploading documents, they are placed in the personal queue (1), where document information needs to be added to uploaded files (2) before they are uploaded to the project. Files can always be removed from this queue by making a selection and using the delete button (3). 

Adding information to files

On BIMcollab Twin, additional information needs to be added to all documents. Information for uploaded files can be filled in manually (See the metadata page for more details) or automatically through a special upload list (Excel file). See further explanation in the article on upload lists

To add a new version to an existing document, the document number must match exactly. Only then the new upload will be connected to the previous versions. If the document number is already known on BIMcollab Twin the information will be filled in. See the document numbers page for more details.

If a Document Number Convention has been created for this project phase, the naming formula will be displayed at the top. The mandatory field values will be automatically displayed in the document number naming convention.

After uploading, BIMcollab Twin provides an overview of the uploads and if there are any error messages regarding the upload, you will be notified on this overview. Click on the continue button (1) to continue.


A notification can be created at the bottom of the document detail list. This is an accompanying letter when documents are posted, addressed to users on BIMcollab Twin. This notification is saved as a message and an email is sent immediately after posting.

One or more users can be chosen (1) to receive the notification. There is a free text field (2) to enter a message. The save button (3) submits the files and sends the notification.

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