Update Smart Issues based on clash results

Update Smart Issues based on clash results

When new models are available, it is possible to update existing Smart Issues containing clashes. The update checks if the clashes are still present in the new models.
  1. Open ZOOM with an active license
  2. Connect to the project for which you want to update the issues
    Make sure you have ZOOM edit rights and are a project leader or editor in the project
  3. Update the models in BIMcollab ZOOM to the new version
  4. Go to the issues panel
  5. Set the issue filter to show all Smart Issues you want to update
    Only issues which are visible in the issue panel will be updated
  6. Update the issues by clicking the button  
    The Smart Issues themselves will determine whether the clashes are still present in the current models or not. It is not necessary to rerun the clash detection before updating the issues
  7. The viewpoints of the issues will be updated according to the latest status of the clashes. The following elements are taken into account, when checking if the viewpoint should be updated:
    1. The size and location of the clash box
    2. The status of the clash
      You will get feedback on the status of clashes by means of the color of the clash boxes in the 3D window when zooming to an issue
      For more information about the statuses of the clashes, consult the article   The status of a clash
  8. Go through the updated issues to determine if any of them can be closed based on the new status. It is also possible to automatically close issues during the update if all clashes that are reported to the issue have been solved
  9. Synchronize the project so the latest status of the Smart Issues is available for all team members
Additional options when updating the issues:
  1. Only update selected issues : If this option is disabled, all issues which are visible in the issue panel will be updated
  2. Close issues where all clashes are solved : if all clashes which are reported to an issue are found to be resolved, the issue is automatically closed.
  3. Reopen previously closed issues : if clashes are still (or again) active in issues that have been closed, the issue will be reopened
  4. Add a comment : the comment will be added to all updated issues


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