Undo or redo in the 3D window

Undo or redo in the 3D window

While working in BIMcollab Zoom, it is possible to undo or redo certain commands in the 3D window. The commands can be applied through keyboard shortcuts.
  1. Windows:
    1. Undo: CTRL + Z
    2. Redo: CTRL + Y
  2. Mac:
    1. Undo: CMD + Z
    2. Redo: CMD + SHIFT + Z
The following operations can be undone/redone:
  1. Show/hide selected elements
  2. Show/hide floorplans
  3. Show/hide all
  4. Set transparent or opaque
  5. Set or remove colors
  6. Create, move or delete section planes and section box
  7. Show or hide section planes
  8. My view actions
  9. Create, edit or delete annotations (apart from dimensions)
When applying the undo/redo command, BIMcollab Zoom may shift the camera position to show the element(s) affected by the operation.

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