Transfer Saved Viewpoints to BIMcollab Cloud

Transfer Saved Viewpoints to BIMcollab Cloud

Saved Viewpoints in Navisworks are viewpoints created during a visual check of the model.
Import Saved Viewpoints directly from Navisworks in the BCF Manager as issues. For this function to be active you need to be connected to a BIMcollab project.

Follow these steps to import the Saved Viewpoints:
  1. Open the BCF Manager from the BIMcollab tab in the Ribbon and connect to a project in BIMcollab Cloud
  2. Click the 'Import' button in the BCF Manager

  3. Choose the tab 'From Saved Viewpoints'
  4. Choose the individual viewpoints you want to import

  5. Choose the settings for the new issues
    When creating new issues from Saved Viewpoints you can:
    1. Add the name of the top folder to the title of the issue
    2. Add a prefix to the description of each imported Saved Viewpoint to be used later for easy identification
    3. Assign the new issue(s) to a specific team member
    4. Set default values for issue properties such as Milestones, Type, Area, etc.
    5. Add Labels
    6. Change visibility and approval user
    7. Copy any comments added to the Saved Viewpoint and add them as comments to the issue in BIMcollab Cloud
    8. Choose which viewpoint optimization should apply. This lets you choose what form of optimization strategy will be used when creating the viewpoints:
    9. When creating viewpoints it is important that you keep in mind that the view will need to be recreated in other BIM applications and therefore it is best to keep the number of components to a minimum. The BCF Manager will therefore always limit the number of components in a viewpoint to 5000. If an imported Saved Viewpoint contains more than 5000 components, no components will be added to the issue’s viewpoint.
      You can choose from:
      1. No optimization
        The viewpoint will contain a snapshot as well as the full viewpoint including components, color overrides, camera position and section planes.
      2. Fast zoom-to
        The viewpoint will contain a snapshot and a viewpoint containing only the camera postion and section planes. Use this when working in large models to allow users to quickly zoom to issues.
      3. Snapshot only
        The viewpoint will only contain the snapshot. Use this when a screenshot with annotation will suffice to communicate the clash.

  6. Choose 'Import'. All imported issues will be shown in the BCF Manager
  7. Once all of the viewpoints have been imported you can review, and if needed edit, the issues you have created. When you are satisfied, synchronize the issues with your BIMcollab project.

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