Transfer projects from Solibri 9.10 to 9.12

Transfer projects from Solibri 9.10 to 9.12

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To transfer your workflow from Solibri 9.10 to Solibri 9.12 with the BCF Live Connector, there are a couple of recommendations to avoid problems with synchronization. The best workflow depends on the kind of project.
Read the articles How to deal with issues found in Solibri and Connect from Solibri for more information on synchronizing issues to BIMcollab from Solibri.

New server projects

It is recommended that issues in new server projects are created using Solibri 9.12. This will ensure that links to checking results and local slides are saved properly. It is also highly recommended that all project participants use the BCF Live Connector to avoid problems with synchronization, issue duplication, etc.

Existing server projects

For projects for which issues have already been created with an earlier version of Solibri, there are three possibilities. When choosing one of these options, it is important to take into consideration whether the link to the presentations and slides of checking results needs to be preserved.

A) Import issues into a new BIMcollab project

With this option, the link between issues in the BCF Live Connector and the slides in presentations or checking results can be preserved. Since the linking feature did not exist to the same extent before Solibri 9.12, it is necessary to create the issues again in BIMcollab Cloud.
  1. Open the SMC file in Solibri 9.10
  2. Make sure the presentations and slides of checking results are up to date by synchronizing the project with BIMcollab
  3. Save the SMC file
  4. Create a new, empty project in BIMcollab Cloud
    Copy the settings of the existing project to the new project: How to use a project as a template
  5. Open the SMC file in Solibri 9.12
  6. Set up a connection to the new project with the BCF Live Connector
  7. Import the issues from presentations or checking results in the BCF Live View
  8. Synchronise all issues to BIMcollab Cloud
  9. Save the SMC file to preserve the link to the issues
  10. Deactivate the old project in BIMcollab Cloud
  11. Inform all project participants they need to use the new project in BIMcollab Cloud

B) Only use the BCF Live Connector in Solibri 9.12

With this option, it is possible to continue working in the existing project in BIMcollab Cloud. The link to the presentations and checking results which were created in an earlier version of Solibri will be lost. Issues can still be updated and edited in the BCF Live View, however transferring and linking these to the older local issues is not supported.

  1. Open the SMC project in Solibri 9.12
  2. Set up a connection to the existing BIMcollab Cloud project with the BCF Live Connector
  3. Edit and update existing issues in the Live Issue Details View
  4. Synchronize all issues to BIMcollab Cloud
  5. Delete all deprecated presentations in Solibri, or edit their name to clarify they should no longer be used
  6. Create new slides in a new presentation. When these are imported as issues through the BCF Live Connector, they will have a link to the new issues the BIMcollab project

C) Keep using a previous version

If option A and B are not possible, continue working in a previous version of Solibri. Transfer to Solibri 9.12 at the start of a new project, or when option A or B become possible.

It is not recommended to use both Solibri 9.10 and 9.12 in the same project. The difference in synchronization methods can cause issues with synchronization.

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