The Project folder in combination with a Cloud storage platform

The Project folder in combination with a Cloud storage platform

It is possible to make use of a folder on a Cloud storage platform, like Autodesk Docs or Trimble Connect, as project folder in BIMcollab Zoom. There are some things to take into account when making use of this workflow.
  1. Folders that are used as a project folder, need to be locally accessible by all team members. For example though a desktop application like the Autodesk Desktop Connector.
  2. Files in the shared folder need to be downloaded onto the local machine, so they are always available for BIMcollab Zoom.
    For example:
    1. Autodesk Desktop Connector: The file status needs to be 'Synced', not 'Online'. For more information, consult the Autodesk website.
    2. OneDrive: The file needs to be downloaded onto the computer, its status cannot be 'Online-only'. For more information, consult the Microsoft website.
    3. Dropbox: Set the Smart Sync to 'Local', not 'Online only'. For more information, consult the Dropbox website.
    4. ...
  3. Make sure all files on your computer are up to date before connecting to the BIMcollab project.
To find out how to set up the Project Folder in BIMcollab Zoom, see the article Set up the Project folder to link shared files to a project.

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